Home Staging Trends 2021

4 October 2021

Home Staging Trends 2021
What are the Home Staging trends for 2021? Is it too late to even write about it? I think not, because the changes that have taken place in our industry this year due to the pandemic will certainly stay with us for more than just a year, and it all has to do with the pandemic memory I wrote about in a previous post.

In today’s article I would like to describe 3 major trends that have emerged in Home Staging this year that you cannot miss out on.

From this article you will learn:

  • What are the top 3 Home Staging trends for 2021.
  • How to approach Home Staging an outdoor space.
  • You’ll understand how to prepare your workspace.
  • How to show the potential of using your living space differently without huge renovations.
Outdoor space


Until now, a balcony was an asset in real estate, but not a necessity. After all the pandemic isolation, the balcony has become a premium feature, and not the only one. Buyers also pay attention to all kinds of courtyards, additional green areas in estates or gardens. It is worth mentioning all of these things already at the ad stage, and when preparing a property for sale it is essential to also prepare the balcony or garden, at least to a minimum extent. This is because it is now crucial to arrange these outdoor spaces and make them a major asset.

How to do it?

A balcony can be arranged in a classic way with plants, table, etc., but you can also accent it as a place to rest, or exercise or work — all depending on what the target group is looking for most. What to pay attention to? Certainly: plants, candles, lanterns, lamps, but also garden furniture. In gardens, it is crucial to organize the entire space and emphasize the place to relax outside (garden kitchens, atmospheric greenhouses or outdoor dining rooms are gaining popularity).

A new industry trend
Ewa Lachowska’s @imago_homestaging project is a great example of using this trend and I featured it in the Trendbook. Ewa went all-in – with a budget of 300 PLN, instead of buying one piece of different decorations, she maximized the potential of the balcony. The result? 15k PLN more on the sale price and the apartment sold in two days.
Ewa caught this trend of emphasizing outdoor spaces perfectly! Her way of thinking is just an innovative approach to Home Staging and an example of flexible work with the budget, getting the most out of it. All this is reflected in higher earnings of the seller.


A place to work at home has turned from a nice addition into a necessity. Separate home office rooms are a big advantage, but so is a more creative approach to space in the kitchen, dining room, or living room. The possibilities are endless. It is worth thinking about it in the context of a particular apartment we are preparing.


How to separate the home office in an apartment?

  • if it is possible and fits the target group, you can arrange a separate office
  • if the space is limited, think where you can fit a desk (living room, bedroom, or maybe the hallway?)
  • if there’s no space for a desk then maybe a #cloffice will work (cloffice = closet + office) Interesting solution, right?
  • none of the above will work? Think creatively: an additional tabletop, perhaps folded from the wall? Or maybe an extended kitchen one?


Sometimes you can also turn the world upside down and place the desk in the living room, as was the case with the sale of the condo below. The owners lived in the apartment during the entire sale process, so removing the desk from the living room was not an option. However, I thought it might be a very good idea, just in the age of the pandemic.

It was a hit! The apartment sold at a price above expectations, and viewers praised this solution as very adequate to the current reality.


Today every inch of personal space at home matters. Everyone wants to have even a tiny room, or at least a separated space to be able to spend a few moments in peace and quiet.

Separate rooms are key, especially when suddenly all the household members are spending weeks in a small space that combines different functions – play, study, work, household chores, exercise, etc.

Small but separate bedroom; a dressing room with a desk or a small room for a child – additional rooms, even if smaller in size, are very important.

The number of rooms sometimes becomes a more important factor than the apartment size itself. It is worth showing the potential for zoning or additional rooms even only on the plan of the apartment as an additional option. Thanks to that we will attract a wider target group, without incurring large costs for changes in the layout of the apartment.

How soon can we use this trend in Home Staging?

Mobile dividers: room separators, bookcases with clearances, glazing, and even curtain rods mounted just as mobile room dividers.

I had the pleasure of home staging a room set up earlier by the investor. The room was prepared for two people and the investor used a mobile division in the form of a bookcase which separated the sleeping from the living area.

In summary, here are the top 3 Home Staging trends that have emerged this year just because of the pandemic: emphasizing outdoor space, separating workspaces, and looking for ways of dividing rooms.

These are just 3 trends that I think are the most relevant, but you’ll find as many as 24 in my Trendbook (Please link: home staging trendbook 2021 ‎)

So, if you want to find it out, then I invite you to read my Trendbook for Home Stagers, in which I present not only the trends but also examples of their application by my students.
Home Staging Case Study

Don’t hesitate and check out how you can take your business to the next level by applying the latest trends from Home Staging, or apply them when selling or renting your property. Because it’s the little details that make a huge difference in the final results.

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