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E-book Home Staging - Jak skutecznie przygotować instagramowe wnętrze, żeby dobrze na nim zarobić

The book that will bring you a comfortable life – you can maximize your earnings and become the Audrey Hepburn of real estate. Because it’s better to luxuriate in an ocean-side hammock than to juggle the losses on an empty property.

To książka, która podaruje Ci komfort – możesz zarabiać maksimum i zostać Audrey Hepburn nieruchomości. Bo lepiej bujać się na hamaku przy oceanie niż z pustym mieszkaniem przynoszącym straty.


Do you want to sell your property and get a good price?

A 1% difference in the sale price of a property can amount to several thousand zlotys. With Home Staging you can raise that price by several percent!

You rent out property, yet fear vacancies and additional costs with every tenant change?

Thanks to good Home Staging, a queue of eager tenants will line up for your property!

Do you want to change your property to increase earnings, yet don't know how to go about it?

In this e-book, I’ll guide you through the process, and show you, step by step, how to create an Instagram worthy interior, that your customers will wait for with impatience!

You know that your property requires renovation, but don't have the resources?

I’ll tell you how I helped rent out a house that required a major renovation, without any additional investments made on the part of the owner. You can do it too!

What else will you find

in the e-book?

  • A detailed description of each of the stages of Home Staging
  • Case Studies that will help you find unique solutions to problems with the property’s appearance
  • Checklists
  • Workbooks that will help you specify which precise rules can be applied to your property
  • A list of Home Staging inspirations
  • Recommendations for the development of your real estate knowledge
  • Photos and themed mood boards that will inspire changes in your own property
  • My favorite support programs that will help you implement Home Staging
E-book Home Staging - Jak skutecznie przygotować instagramowe wnętrze, żeby dobrze na nim zarobić
E-book Home Staging - Jak skutecznie przygotować instagramowe wnętrze, żeby dobrze na nim zarobić
E-book Home Staging - Jak skutecznie przygotować instagramowe wnętrze, żeby dobrze na nim zarobić
E-book Home Staging - Jak skutecznie przygotować instagramowe wnętrze, żeby dobrze na nim zarobić

Wondering if this is the book you’ve been looking for? In it I’ve gathered our company’s know-how and experience, and organized it in a coherent process, thanks to which, you’ll be able to achieve effective home staging and create that Instagram worthy interior.

I’ll show you the entire home staging strategy, as well as constructive tools that will help you become an icon of real estate, like Coco Chanel in Parisian fashion. With this strategy, you’ll soar above the average, and achieve much better than average profits.

That’s exactly why I wrote this guidebook, and enclosed the entire do-it-yourself home staging process, within 149 pages. You don’t have to be an artist to create a gorgeous home. It’s simply enough to apply the techniques you’ve learned, without missing any steps.

Regardless of whether you have a single inherited apartment for sale or rent, or you are a real estate professional, this e-book will show you how to approach the subject and help you achieve the best possible results. Be the icon of your business, like Coco!

E-book Home Staging - Jak skutecznie przygotować instagramowe wnętrze, żeby dobrze na nim zarobić

what you’ll learn? 

– How to choose the type of rent that is suited to your needs, plan your strategy and define your target group.

– How to evaluate your property and define the areas that need work.

– A step by step guide to Staging your property, yourself.

– How to set the scope of needed work, your budget and realistically estimate potential profits.

– The main rules of Home Staging & how to combine colors, patterns and fabrics.

– How to furnish and visually enlarge small rooms.

– How to photograph your property expertly, as an amateur, and write good ads.

– What to do if the property remains on the market after Home Staging.

Did you know that by Staging your Home yourself, you save several thousand zlotys on hiring someone else to do it?

Good home staging requires quite a bit of work. While reading this e-book, you’ll realize that what you see in gorgeous home ads, is the final result of a well-thought-out sales strategy, and not attained in just a single visit to the furniture store. You can outsource this job, but you can also stage your property yourself, earn more, and understand the needs of your clients better, regardless of whether your property is for sale or rent.

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Unfortunately, even the best Home Staging can be ruined through bad presentation of the property. How can this be avoided? How can you charm customers, so that they take the initiative in asking to rent or buy your property? Where to find them and how to reach them?

You’ll learn all of this, in the “How to effectively present a property” webinar.

Combining Home Staging knowledge, from the book, with practical tips from the property presentation course, will make you invincible! Your competition is where you aren’t.

Learn how to combine Home Staging with marketing skills and get the most out of your property.

Kreatorki wynajmu - Klaudia Leszczyńska

Hi, I’m Klaudia!

My husband and I have been running the “Krakowskie Pokoje” company, that manages room and apartment rentals for a number of years now. My areas of expertise are home staging, pricing strategies and innovative sales methods.

I create the apartments of tenants’ dreams, and teach property owners how to earn on rent, instead of losing on vacancies.

I created the Rental Creators Club to support other rental property owners, because I know that you can achieve more and work better when working together. It all began with renting out a small studio apartment, when absolutely everyone around us, advised us not to renovate it and rather just rent it to whomever… just to pay the bills. But I wanted to make a profit on it! You want that too, right? Exactly! That’s how we did our first renovation and got sucked into the subject, because our method proved to be effective! Now we rent, sub-rent and manage properties, but above all, we help create beautiful interiors that are easy to rent out – we stage homes. We know what sells and what doesn’t, because we constantly test it out on ourselves.

Others also recognize our expertise, because they turn to us for help when their rental properties stop bringing back good returns. 


Klaudia Leszczyńska



What do the experts say?

Klaudia, congratulations on your beautiful E-book. It’s really matter of fact and reads well, is transparent and will definitely be a treasure trove of knowledge for someone who’d like to delve into home staging. You’ll definitely find a lot of useful information in it 🙂

Maria Malinowski

Designer and interior stylist, SHOKO DESIGN

I’m convinced that this is perfect reading material both for Investors – to whom the eBook is addressed, as well as for real estate agents that take initiative to increase the value of real estate that is for sale. A huge positive aspect of this publication, are the numerous examples, summaries and checklists that help one go through each step, from A to Z. Great touch. Congratulations, because I know it must have taken a lot of energy:)

Łukasz Kruszewski

Author of real estate marketing and real estate agent branding books, Freedom Nieruchomości

It made a really good impression on me. You can see that you put a lot of work into it, but above all, that you have cross-sectional knowledge that is grounded in your practices. So, it will definitely be valuable to your readers.

Michał Borychowski

President of the Polish Short-Term Rental Association and Short-term Rental Advisor, KRÓTKI-TERMIN.PL

What do clients say about me?

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